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1:1 Intuitive Eating Support

Intuitive Eating is a non-linear approach to health & wellbeing rooted in the belief that YOU are the expert of your own body. ​It is a framework that restores a peaceful and trusting relationship with food and your body, so you can ditch the dieting, weight cycling and body dissatisfaction for good. 


In this program, you will:

Are you ready to heal your relationship with food?


  • Obsessing about every little thing you eat

  • The constant criticism of your body & comparison to others 

  • Diet culture's pervasive lies that cause you to doubt the wisdom of your own body

  • The compulsive need for exercise & anxiety around missing your workout 

  • Self-doubt & constant questioning of your own autonomy

  • Playing small for the comfort of others


  • A sense of freedom & ease around food 

  • Accepting & respecting your body for exactly as it is right now

  • Confidence in your body's ability to let you know what it needs   

  • Finding movement that you actually love & celebrating all that your body can do

  • Deep connection to your intuition & trust in your own decisions    

  • Fully owning who you are & feeling confident taking up space in the world

You will receive:

  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions with Yael via Zoom

  • 10 Deep Learning videos on the fundamental principles of Food & Body Freedom

  • Somatic meditations to support you in connecting to the wisdom of your body

  • Weekly action steps & reflective questions to hold you accountable

  • Access to a private Facebook community of like-minded peers for continued community support

Discover the Research behind Intuitive Eating:

On Your Body's Team (3).png

This program pulled me out of the whirlpool of diet culture that I had been spinning in for too long. It taught me how to slow down, get back to basics, and learn to love both food, and myself, again. 

On Your Body's Team (3).png

Yael is an absolute rockstar who will lead you through this gracefully and with confidence. She meets you where you're at, recognizes your unique contributions and efforts, and hears and sees you. 

On Your Body's Team (3).png

I really do feel like, overall, I've made food less of a big deal. I don't feel such a need to compare my diet and exercise to others, and when those moments do come, I can now say I have an array of tools to combat the self-critical voice.

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Before starting this program I was so lost. My head was filled with conflicting nutrition information that I couldn’t decipher and my Instagram was filled with #cleaneating, #nodaysoff, and #bodygoals. I was constantly switching from counting calories, to keto, to paleo, to fasting, to whatever trend was the next big diet. I would spend hours thinking about what diet to try or what my calorie limit should be for the day.


All this was my life everyday for a decade until I found the On Your Body’s Team Program. My life has truly changed for the better. Everything in my life has improved. I’m overall a happier person. I know what my body is trying to tell me and we aren’t fighting against each other anymore. I can confidently say that I am the healthiest I have ever been and I will never go on a diet again all thanks to this program. 

- Ginny, Past 1:1 Program Participant

Check out my favorite Intuitive Eating resources:

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