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Intuitive Eating - The End of Diet Culture 

​Ungarbage Magazine

Ungarbage Magazine was created to actively seek and inspire new ways of living that free us all from societal pressures, discrimination, and oppression from the systems we live in.



Their Stories - Changing the Way We Think About Vulnerability


Well and Queer aims to make wellness more inclusive by navigating the intersectionality of health and well being through the power of community, communication, and awareness. 

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WTF is Intuitive Eating?

​Behavior Bitches Podcast

In their podcast, Behavior Analysts Liat & Casey break down real life topics using behavioral psychology to explain why we do what we do. In this episode, Yael discusses what Intuitive Eating really is & how behavioral psychology impacts our relationships with food. 

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The Formula for Intuitive Eating

Hungry for Healing Podcast

In this episode, Yael chats with host Emily about why Intuitive Eating is not just another diet, the important role of intuition within Food & Body Freedom, and how to find your own version of the Intuitive Eating process.