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Body Liberation for All 

There is no anti-diet movement without anti-oppression, anti-racism, and the inclusion of all members of the LGBTQIA community. 

Your intuition is your biggest superpower.   

It is what guides you to form beliefs & perceptions of the world without anyone else's influence.

It is unique to you, and only you. 

Intuitive nutrition is the use of our own intuitive wisdom to discern what we need to

honor our physical, emotional & mental health needs. 

In today’s wellness culture, we are so often told that we don’t know what is best for our own health. We are encouraged to seek out external information from others, whether from the latest nutrition guru, a popular fitness podcast, or even a well-intentioned friend. Consistently seeking this advice from outside sources can lead to feelings of helplessness in our own bodies. We give away our power, our autonomy, and allow somebody else to determine what is best for us. 


I’m not buying it. 

I know that you possess the unique brilliance necessary to

take responsibility for your own wellbeing.


Through reconnecting with your innate wisdom, trusting your intuition & connecting to your body, you empower yourself with all the tools needed to become your own best health coach.


Intuitive Nutrition asks that you examine your relationships with food, body image, movement & your emotions to determine where you are prioritizing someone else's agenda rather than your own internal wisdom. This allows you to turn down the volume on those external voices & turn the volume up on the voice of your own inner guide. Trust that YOU are the expert of your own body.

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