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Food & Body Freedom Coaching

Let's work together for the sake of your liberation, for the sake of your taking up space, energetically & physically, so that you can truly be the dynamic & brilliant leader that you already are. 


In this program, you will:



  • Obsessing about every little thing you eat

  • The constant criticism of your body & comparison to others 

  • Diet culture's pervasive lies that cause you to doubt the wisdom of your own body

  • The compulsive need for exercise & anxiety around missing your workout 

  • Self-doubt & constant questioning of your own autonomy

  • Playing small for the comfort of others


  • A sense of freedom & ease around food 

  • Accepting & respecting your body for exactly as it is right now

  • Confidence in your body's ability to let you know what it needs   

  • Finding movement that you actually love & celebrating all that your body can do

  • Deep connection to your intuition & trust in your own decisions    

  • Fully owning who you are & feeling confident taking up space in the world

This program includes:

  • 6 one-hour coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Recorded somatic meditations to support you in truly embodying our work together

  • Weekly action steps & reflective questions to hold you accountable between calls

  • Access to a private Facebook community of like-minded womxn where we share resources, empathy & support for one another

"I used to think there were all these rules about how I had to act, who I had to be, and what I had to eat. Through my work with Yael, I've realized that the only rules I need to follow are the ones that I set for myself, that truly support the highest version of myself. Rediscovering this has been incredibly liberating, both in my relationship with food & in my whole life." -Arielle, 29 

You're ready. It's time to reclaim your life. Let's connect today for your free Discovery Call. 

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