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Ready to liberate yourself from food & body obsession?

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Reconnect to your intuition, reclaim your life from endless dieting & find freedom in your relationship with food & your body in this 10-week group coaching program. 

This program is for you, if you:

- Spend hours every day obsessing about what you eat & what your body looks like

- Regularly experience feelings of guilt, shame or anxiety around food 

- Often engage in binge eating or feel completely out of control around food

- Find yourself constantly comparing your body to others

- Feel isolated in your struggles with food & your body image

This program includes:

- 10 Deep Learning videos focusing on the principles of Intuitive Eating

- Weekly access to intimate Group Empowerment calls 

- Somatic Mindfulness Meditations to connect you to the wisdom of your body 

- Weekly Reflective Questions for deeper self-inquiry

- Access to the private On Your Body's Team Facebook community

- 1:1 Check-In session with Yael (optional)

You will gain:

- The ability to tune into your body to decide what, when & how much you want to eat 

- Relief from the relentless, obsessive thoughts about food

- A deep sense of gratitude, trust & connection to your body 

- An understanding of how to honor your health & nutrition without dieting

- A roadmap to finally stop the bingeing, endless diets, and compulsive exercise

- An empowering, supportive community of like-minded peers on the same journey

Questions? Schedule your Free Support Call to learn more.

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This program pulled me out of the whirlpool of diet culture that I had been spinning in for too long. It taught me how to slow down, get back to basics, and learn to love both food, and myself, again. It was so supportive to have a group of women to share things with, especially things that I thought I was alone on.

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Yael is an absolute rockstar who will lead you through this gracefully and with confidence. She meets you where you're at, recognizes your unique contributions and efforts, and hears and sees you. She has curated this amazing bundle of education and experiences and I'm absolutely a different person after working through it with her and the rest of the group.

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I used to hyper-obsess over not only every piece of food I consumed, but what my friends would consume, and what it was and how much. I really do feel like, overall, I've made food less of a big deal. I don't feel such a need to compare my diet and exercise to others, and when those moments do come, I can now say I have an array of tools to combat the self-critical voice.

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

This program is life changing.


It rips away your preconceived notions of health and beauty and encourages you to look at food in your body in a way that is liberating, not restricting. Yael is a fantastic group facilitator and always seems to find the right words to express the deep seated roots of the fears and insecurities that so many women struggle with daily.


In this program, how you view food and your body will change for the better. But, I would argue *almost* more importantly, the way you see the world around you will drastically shift as well, as you are able to be more present with those you love, find truth outside of society’s standards of beauty, and recognize what your body is able to accomplish apart from what it looks like.

- Rachel, Past Group Program Participant

Interested in individual, rather than group, support?

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