Ready to take a stand for your Food & Body Freedom?

Reconnect to your intuition, reclaim your life from endless dieting & find freedom in your relationship with food & your body in this 10-week group coaching program. 

This program is for you, if you:

- Spend hours every day obsessing about what you eat & what your body looks like

- Regularly experience feelings of guilt, shame or anxiety around food 

- Often engage in binge eating or feel completely out of control around food

- Find yourself constantly comparing your body to others

- Feel isolated in your struggles with food & your body image

This program includes:

- 10 Deep Learning videos focusing on the principles of Intuitive Eating

- Six-months access to weekly intimate Group Empowerment calls 

- Somatic Mindfulness Meditations to connect you to the wisdom of your body 

- Weekly Reflective Questions & Empowerment Assignments for further integration

- Access to the official On Your Body's Team private Facebook community

- 1:1 support sessions with Yael (optional)

What you will gain:

- The ability to tune into your body to decide what, when & how much you want to eat 

- Relief from the relentless, obsessive thoughts about food

- A deep sense of gratitude, trust & connection to your body 

- An understanding of how to honor your health & nutrition without dieting

- A roadmap to finally stop the bingeing, endless diets, and compulsive exercise

- An empowering, supportive community of like-minded womxn on the same journey

Questions? Schedule your Free Support Call to learn more.

"I feel more connected to my body and have a healthier relationship with food after participating in this program. If you are looking for support, being a part of a community that has important conversations, do yourself a favor and sign up!"  - Carrie, 35


 "I can't thank you for helping me through my struggles with my body. One of my main goals in this program was to learn how to stop letting thoughts about my body control my life. Now, those thoughts have taken a back seat. It feels so empowering to eat food freely and have a better relationship with myself." - Alex, 27

Interested in individual, rather than group, support?

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